Backyard Burning
 All Backyard burning is prohibited until October 1st 2018
All back yard burning requires a burn permit that can be picked up for free at the Harrisburg Fire Station.
Fire Protection equipment/conditions required: Garden hose, shovel, must be attended at all times and burn piles must be at least 50 feet from any structures.
Smoke from burn piles can not impact neighbors 
When is backyard burning typically allowed? There is spring (March 1st through June 15th) and the fall (October 1st through December 15th) burn season. These burn seasons are not "set in stone" and may be postponed or shortened by Linn County Fire Defense Board due to extreme fire danger.

It is ILLEGAL to burn commercial waste, rubber, plastic, petroleum, asphalt, asbestos, wet garbage, food waste, animal remains, or ANY material that produces dense smoke or noxious odors.

A burn permit is required and can be picked up at the Harrisburg Fire station during normal business hours. 

Linn County Burn number 541-451-1904
Press #1 Backyard burning 
Press #2 Agricultural burning


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