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2016 Call Statistics  
Medical Calls-310
Motor Vehicle Accidents-42
Structure Fires-5
Alarm Activations-22
Public Assists-26
Grass Fires-9
Mutual Aid-23
Good Intent-32
Wires Down-11
Burn Complaints-7
Vehicle Fire-4
Water Rescue-2
Illegal burn-6
Hazardous material spill-4
Equipment fire-4
Commercial kitchen fire-1
Odor investigation-2
Small fire-3
Smoke investigation-3
Commercial structure fire-1
Brush fire-1
Electrical problem-1
Mutual aid-44
Medic transports 219
Call Response
Nathan Bootes- 131
Hubert Christensen- 84
Mike Christensen- 420
Colton DeLanoy-2
Leo Giles-103
Bart Griffith-425
Brenda Griffith-102
Chris Griffith-247
Christine Hartman-13
Jeff Holland-133
Mike Hurd-10
Kurt Lang-123
John Loshbaugh-53
Ryan Lowery-27
Matt McCarl-60
Valeri Miller-79
Aleshia Pasi-157
Dan Rick-199
Devin Smith-167
Matt Steele-114
Ernie Stuck-31
Bob Trout-238
Cody Vanhorn-47
Nathan Walter-132

Time of day 
00:00-06:00-55 calls 
06:00-12:00-135 calls 
12:00-18:00-219 calls
18:00-00:00-148 calls

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