webassets/Worktogether.jpgHarrisburg Fire & Rescue Active Members
Hubert Christensen-- Firefighter/EMT
Mike Christensen------Lieutenant/EMR
Aleshia Delanoy ------ Firefighter/EMR
Leo Giles-----------------Assistant Chief/EMT-P
Bart Griffith-------------Fire Chief/EMT-I
Mike Hurd--------------- Captain/EMR
Kurt Lang-------------    Firefighter 1 /EMT
Alex Lawson---------Probationary
John Loshbaugh-----Firefighter
Ryan Lowery----------Firefighter
Matt McCarl------------ Captain/EMT-I
Tyler Oakerman-------Firefighter2/Engineer
Dan Rick-----------------Captain/EMT
Devin Smith ----------- -Lieutenant/EMR
Logan Smith--------Firefighter/EMR
Matt Steele --------------Firefighter1
Bob Trout ------------    Training Officer/EMT-I
Bill Vincent-----------Firefighter/EMR
Cody Vanhorn----- Firefighter
Nathan Walter ---------Firefighter 2/EMT
Tina Wilson-----------------EMT-P
Harrisburg Fire & Rescue Designators
401- Chief Bart Griffith
402- Assistant Chief Leo Giles
403- Training Captain Bob Trout
404- Captain Dan Rick
405- Captain Matt McCarl
406- Captain Mike Hurd
407- Lieutenant Mike Christensen
408- Lieutenant Devin Smith
409- Chaplin Kurt Lang
410- Hubert Christensen



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